Regarding Game Schedule Change Requests

UpdatedTuesday April 5, 2016 byJinghua Hu.

Regarding Game Schedule Change Requests

-- From Jackie Roberts, Master Scheduler ( Email: )

To All dvision reps & coaches: Please make sure all your coaches read and understand the league policy on schedule changes.

  • Schedule changes with-in the league:
    • For schedule changes within the league, both managers and the division reps must agree!
    • The change can not conflict with another game or go against the playing rules (i.e. mandatory rest times, etc)
    • The request must be in writing with both coaches, division reps, and the master scheduler included on the email.
    • The master scheduler will not speak for the other coach and agree to a change with out their consent. The master scheduler will only confirm the field availability, umpire availability, and confirm no snack bar conflicts for the agreed upon new date/time/location.
    • Once the change requests are confirmed eligible without conflicts, the master scheduler will notify the webmaster to update the official game website online.
    • The webmaster will not update a game unless getting a notice from the master scheduler of the change. A manager can not ask the webmaster to make changes directly. Again both coaches and division reps must agree to the changed date!
  • Inter-league and Interlock games:
    • Inter League and interlock games are subject to change if there is a league conflict.
    • If a manager needs to change a game time they are NOT allowed to contact the other league directly. The change request must go through the master scheduler per agreement that only 1 person form each league will handle the schedule to prevent past headaches. If a manager does this, the other league will not agree to changes and suggest you go through the master scheduler.
    • The master scheduler will always call/email a manager if the other league wants a change and verify whether it works for them.
  • Harvey green field closure policy:
    • Harvey Green Elementary School, or Fremont Unified School District, has the right to deny field access on any given day, such as 4/26/16 as the School Open House Night. If they need to prevent field access and notify the league, the master scheduler will notify the team managers involved so they know right away and the game will be re-scheduled for a make up day. The website will be updated with the changes accordingly. Please be sure to check that regularly.