Where Does Your Money Go?

UpdatedWednesday November 12, 2014 byFremont Baseball Inc.

With all of the fundraising and other expenses of F.B.I., do you ever wonder, where does all that money go? Well, all non-profit youth organizations, including F.B.I., cost money to run. And all leagues require fund-raising and sponsorship to run them.

Here are some highlights of the key areas where the money is being spent:
1. Insurance for players
2. Umpires
3. Port a potties
4. Water
5. Electricity
6. Field usage permits for games & practice facilities
7. Custodial fees to Fremont Unified School District (FUSD)
8. Uniforms
9. Equipment, balls, catchers gear, tee's, pitching machines
10. Field up keep, including equipment maintenance, sit down mower, push mower, golf cart, gas
11. Sod, dirt, clay, fertilizer, seed, FUSD approved weed killer
12. Field chalk, paint, replacement bleacher boards
13. Garbage
14. Team registration to PONY each season
15. Tournament registration to PONY
16. Website
17. Managers binders, copies, paper, printing
18. Newspaper advertisements for sign ups
19. Sign up Signs & Banners
20. Awards & trophies for league & for tournaments
21. Snack bar inventory

Here is a summary of Season 2014 Net Income vs. Net Expenses as pie charts.

2014 Net Income

2014 Net Expense


These are just a few things (though certainly the biggest ones) that make this league possible.
Leagues like F.B.I. are run by volunteers. You and other volunteers can help make the difference in a young players life. Please contact us if you would like to join the effort. Thank you.