Games FAQ

UpdatedWednesday October 29, 2014 byFremont Baseball Inc.

Games FAQ

Are regulation baseballs used in Shetland?
In Shetland we use a RIF or Reduced Injury Factor baseball. It has the same size as a regulation baseball but is much softer. Your child's first introduction to a regulation baseball will occur in the Pinto division.

Do the children pitch in Shetland?
No. For the first half of the season the children hit off of a batting tee. Towards the end of the season the managers or coaches may pitch the ball to their batters, depending on player abilities.

Do the children pitch in the Pinto division?
Yes, but not solely. In the Pinto division we use a combination player-coach pitch format. For the first half of the season, an adult coach will do the pitching. For the remaining season, players will do all the pitching. If while the players are pitching and the batter receives six pitches, the batter does not receive a walk. Instead, the pitching coach will come out and pitch till three strikes or the ball is put into play. Each year the combination player-coach pitch format is re-evaluated and is subject to changes that are approved by the league board of directors.

How often, and where, are the games?
Typically the games are every Saturday during the season, and on the average of once a week after daylight savings time. Since FBI is a must play league, every child will participate in every game.

How often, and where, will my child practice?
Prior to the beginning of the season teams within the Pinto through Pony divisions should be practicing three times a week, twice during the week and once on the weekend. After the season starts teams will usually cut back to once or twice a week practices. You should expect practices to last a minimum of 2 hours. Prior to the beginning of the season teams within the Shetland division should be practicing at least twice a week, once during the week and once on the weekend. After the season starts teams will usually cut back to once a week practices. The majority of the Shetland division should be able to practice at Harvey Green Elementary School. It's impossible to say where your child will practice. We receive field permits from Fremont Unified School District. You will know which field you practice on once your child is placed on a team and your manager contacts you.

When are the games played?
All divisions play at least two games a week, one during the week, typically Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Shetland games typically start at either 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m. or 3 p.m. for Saturday Games, and at 5:30 for weekday games (5:00 before daylights savings time) and are limited to 1 hour. Weeknight games start at 5:30 pm, (5:00 before daylights savings time). Weekend games typically start at either 9:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, or 3:00 p.m. It is recommended players need to arrive at the field an hour prior to game time, so managers can warm them up and get the line up cards ready prior to the start of the game. Check with your manager for excat times, as some may want more or less of a warm up time.

When will the practices begin?
Depending on weather and forming of teams, we aim to start practicing at least a month before opening day. Typically practice starts the week after draft night, once the manager has his roster completed.

When will the season begin?
Please check the league calendar, either in our newsletter or our webpage for league dates and events. Typically the season starts near the middle to end of March, or the first weekend in April.