Parents Responsibilities

UpdatedWednesday October 29, 2014 byFremont Baseball Inc.

Parents Responsibilities

Parents are important components of any youth sports league. Please read below to understand parents responsibilities here at Fremont Baseball Inc.


  1. Have players at field 45 minutes before game in uniform.
  2. NO profanity, smoking or alcohol at fields.
  3. Encourage players and express positive attitudes and remarks at all games and practices.
  4. PLEASE help with field preparation prior to game, so coaches can concentrate on coaching.
  5. If you have the snack for after game assignment, please don’t let the team down.
  6. Enjoy the game and let the coaches worry about the rules and umpires.
  7. If you have any problem or helpful suggestions, please don’t hesitate to talk to the manager.
  8. HAVE UNIFORMS CLEAN: if a player looks and feel like a baseball player, she/he will play better.


  1. Each player is expected to be at all practices 5 minutes before the start of the actual practice. PRACTICE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN GAMES
  2. NEVER just drop your child off at the field and leave, escort your child to the field.
  3. BE ON TIME when picking up your child, be considerate of the coaches.
  4. Talk to your child about practice and what they learned. Give positive encouragement about all aspects of practice, their performance and the team.
  5. Please ask if there is anything you can do. We will never have too much help, so make the season a parent/child affair.
  6. Practice with your child at home.


  1. Sign up and fulfill snack bar assignments when you are asked.
  2. Supportall fund raising and league activities.
  3. Please label and identify all playerspersonal equipment. You are financially responsible for your childs uniform.