Why F.B.I.?

UpdatedSunday November 2, 2014 byFremont Baseball Inc.

Why Pony Baseball?

PONY Baseball is not designed for a few highly skilled athletes, but for as many players in the community as possible who are sincerely interested in the game. In the leagues for younger age players it is generally desirable to make every attempt to include every player who registers. Doing so will give them an opportunity to determine their fondness for the game, and also give them the chance to learn the basic skills the game requires. At the same time, particularly as the players advance in age, the privilege of participation should be earned through attainment of performance levels by conscientious attendance at games and practice sessions and by general conduct and development on the playing field.

It is not logical to assume that every young person loves to play baseball or that all will continue an interest in the game as they grow and develop into young adults. Some will develop interests in other areas, to the exclusion of baseball, and others will never develop more than a casual interest in the game.  

Any game can be an effective tool to teach, but only when the player has a desire to play the game.  Those who do not develop as players, but maintain an interest in the game, may be directed into such activities as scorekeeping, field maintenance, equipment and uniform handling, announcing, statistics and umpiring.

Why F.B.I.?

Just to highlight a few reasons you want to choose F.B.I. for your player to learn baseball:

1)  Over 60 years of tradition and history in youth baseball covering Fremont, Union City, and Newark. Our higher divisions can usually accomendate players from within Alameda County. 

2)  A philosophy of teaching competitive baseball earlier in a player's development emphasizing sportsmanship, teamwork, safety, self-reliance, and self-discipline.   

3)  Six Practice Locations in the City of Fremont with Shetland, Pinto, Mustang, and Bronco games played at our home field at Harvey Green Elementary School.

4)  Membership in the national "PONY Baseball" organization allowing our teams to represent FBI and our Pony League Boundary of Alameda County at the Regional and State levels in Sectional Tournaments after the regular season concludes.