Sponsorship FAQ

UpdatedMonday March 14, 2016 byFremont Baseball Inc.

What is the minimum sponsorship requirement for a team?

Each team is responsible for collecting a minimum of $500 in sponsorship. The sponsorship money will be submitted to the league as part of the operation cost already budgeted. Any sponsorship above the minimum requirement may be claimed by the team as reimbursements for eligible activities such as team parties and gifts.

What if our team cannot meet the minimum sponsorship requirements?

If the minimum sponsorship requirement is not met, the team will need to divide the gap by the number of players and collect the extra money from parents by the due date. However, if you do end up collecting additional monies from sponsors after the due date the additional money may be claimed by the team as reimbursements for eligible activities such as equipment, parties and gifts.

Where can I downloand and print a Sponsorship Form?

The Sponsorship Form can be found from the menu of "Forms & Files".

Who are responsible for spnosors' banners and photo plaques, if applicable?

Managers or Team Moms are expected to pick up and return your team sponsors' banners if they provide one. The league will order photo plaques based on the sponsorship level with your team name/photo displayed, and they will be handed out after the Closing Ceremony for you to deliver to your sponsors.

What is the deadline for turning in all fundraising paper work and money?

The deadline for turning in all sponsorship paper work and money is April 30th.