UpdatedThursday April 7, 2016 byFremont Baseball Inc.

Fundraising Overview

  • Raffle Tickets Fundraiser

    • For Spring 2016 season, the fundraising is done by raffle tickets sale. The deadline for submitting your fundraising money (if applicable) is April 30th, 2016.
  • Jamba Juice Fundraiser

    The league is running a fundraiser to raise funds for a portable batting cage that will benefit our baseball players in daily practice. This is a separate fundraiser from the basic requirements you paid at player registration.

    What: Jamba Juice Cards offering Buy One Get One Free to use up to 6 times.

    How: You are suggested to sell the cards for $10 each. Jamba Juice will give 50% of the proceeds back to the league, which means that for each card you sell, the league earns $5 towards the batting cage fund.

    When: We have until April 22th to sell these cards. We would like for everyone to sell at least 2 cards, and of course you are welcome to sell more. All cards that are not sold need to be returned or you will be charged the $10 fee they are worth. We are required to return all cards that are not sold to Jamba Juice.